Quelcy I’m Quelcy (like Quell the Sea). I’m a Pittsburgh-based food & prop stylist, event designer and creative (and that’s my trusty sidekick Julep). Yes, Quelcy is my given name. No, my parents were not hippies. There’s a story behind this name of mine, but it’s best told in person.

Living with a unique name can be a burden or a blessing, but I’ve always been grateful to be tied to an original moniker. Being “Quelcy” shaped me creatively and instilled in me a desire to stand out.

Much like my name, my professional path has not been typical. I studied architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, but after working for a start-up company, I realized I thrive when multiple, disparate activities are on my plate. I came to find inspiration in food, photography and event design. Though the mediums may be seemingly different, the conceptual underpinnings and creative processes are the same.

My work is motivated by storytelling, nostalgia and preservation. If I’m food styling, I’m telling the story of a dish or a cocktail, inviting the viewer to reach into the image visually. Like a method actor, I put myself inside the head of the diner or the customer. If I’m designing an event, I’m thinking about what makes a couple or a company stand out? How do I translate that into design details and a memorable experience for the guests?

If you need help telling your story through food, an event, or a photo, let’s collaborate! Contact me today!

In the meantime, here’s a little more about me…

About Quelcy

Five Fun Facts to Get to Know Me a Little Better:

1. I’m Nebraska born, but Pennsylvania raised. I like to think I’m still a Cornhusker at heart though.

2. I have a tattoo of the globe on my wrist, with dots to mark the first place I go on each continent. Australia, I’m coming for you!!! Read the full story about my tattoo in this post.

3. After college, I nannied near Paris and fell in love with the French lifestyle. I’m an unapologetic francophile who could live off bread, cheese and wine every day!

4. I live in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, with my fella, Kyle and our adorable sheepdog Julep.

5. Sustainable agriculture is a huge passion of mine. Kyle is an urban farmer, so I often have wild tan lines and dirt under my nails from helping him weed, mulch and harvest at Hazelwood Urban Farms. I was never meant to be a hand model anyway.

p.s: My hair will probably be different each time we work together!

Quelcy's Hairstyles

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