Food Styling a Chili Cook-Off for TABLE Magazine

Chili Cook-offs can get pretty heated (pun intended)! We held one this year for my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday. The pressure was on, the pressure cookers were on, and the showdown began! There were claims of “sabotage!” and cheating, but the winner won fair and square. Chili wasn’t one of my mom’s regular rotations, so the whole obsession mystifies me a little. At what point is it just soup? However, if you put me in the competition, my lackadaisical approach to chili would surely change to a fierce competitive one. Fortunately for this spread, I was just styling.

Here’s the original image:

Chili Cook-Off Styled by Quelcy for TABLE Magazine //

and here’s how the graphic designer added a hand-drawn letter approach for print:

Chili Cook-Off Styled by Quelcy for TABLE Magazine //

Post Script:

Client: TABLE Magazine, Issue #37, Winter
Food & Prop Styling by Quelcy.
Photography by Adam Milliron.


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