Food & Prop Styling for e2 Restaurant

Since I love talking [and blogging] about food, recipes and restaurants, friends will frequently ask me for recommendations. One Pittsburgh restaurant that comes up in these conversations, especially when brunch is in question, is e2.  Chef Kate Romane humbly prepares hearty Mediterranean meals and feeds her patrons and friends like an Italian grandmother. Hence I was thrilled when photographer Adam Milliron asked me to style a shoot for e2. I wanted Chef Kate Romane’s food to look as beautiful as it tastes!

e2 Fresh Produce Styled by Quelcy

One of the main reasons I recommend e2 is their use of local ingredients. Most of what we shot was picked that day!

e2 Roasted Chicken Styled by Quelcy

Farm Fresh Eggs Styled by Quelcy

e2 Egg Dish Styled by Quelcy

e2 Spaghetti Styled by Quelcy

Gorgonzola Mess Styled by Quelcy

e2 Seafood Dish Styled by Quelcy

My favorite part of brunch at e2- the beignets!

e2 Beignets Styled by Quelcy

A photo shoot is all the more rewarding when the glamour shots end up feeding us well. In a maneuver that reminded me of my own mother and grandmother, Chef Kate repurposed the photographed chicken and created a soup. The hot soup and the crusty, homemade focaccia were the perfect lunch. Beyond that, Kate sent us home with doggie bags to feed us the entire week! If you haven’t had Kate’s farm-fresh, seasonal foods, I highly recommend a trip to e2. Stay tuned for their website update where these photos will one day appear.


Client: e2 Restaurant/Chef Kate Romane
Photography by Adam Milliron.
Food & Prop Styling by Quelcy.

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