Food Styling for Table Magazine: Wine Inspired Picnics

I consider myself a professional picnicker with a styling problem. Fortunately for my imagination, Table Magazine had the perfect assignment for me: a story about dream picnics inspired by fancy foods and fine wines.

Red Wine Picnic Styled by Quelcy

To Pack a Red Wine Picnic:

Pâté or Terrine
Empanadas from a local Mexican Grocer or Bakery
Assorted Olives from an Italian Market
A Smoked Sausage
Creamy Morbier Cheese
A Rustic Baguette

Chaumees Picnic Styled by Quelcy

To Pack A White Wine Picnic:

Herb Quiche from a local bakery
An assortment of seasonal berries
Camembert with Local Wildflower Honey & a Rustic Baguette
Salmon, Chèvre, Fresh Dill & Capers Crostini
Bosc Pears

Rose Picnic Styled by Quelcy

To Pack a Sparkling Rosé Wine Picnic:

Local Strawberries (or whatever berry is in season)
Peach Jam
Baguette & Caviar with Fresh Dill
Homemade Gingersnap Cookies (or your local bakery favorite)
Fair Trade Dark Chocolate

Post Script:
Client: Table Magazine, Summer Issue 2013
Photography by Adam Milliron.
Food & Prop Styling by Quelcy.

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