I’m Quelcy (like Quell the Sea). I wear a variety of hats (food & prop stylist, photographer, blogger, interior & event designer… crazy dog lady), but the common thread is this:

I craft the concepts and details to make your story stand out. Whether you’re a commercial agency, a small business, a blogger or a bride, I have so many ideas for you!

I'll obsess over the
, so your brand's story will really stand out.

Let’s Work Together

I am available for:

Art/Creative Direction
Event Design
Food & Prop Styling
Recipe Development & Blogging

"That's a Wrap" Story & Styling by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

“That’s A Wrap” Story & Styling for @TABLEMagazine

“That’s a Wrap” Story & Styling by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

That’s A Wrap was a story full of inspiration for having friends over to wrap presents together, dress in layers, drink cocktails and eat wrap-themed appetizers and desserts. To make the story come to life, we used my apartment and my friends.