Wedding Styling

Your wedding is one of your most special days, and I’ll make sure it reflects you, your style and your preferences. I’ll take your love story and translate it to the venue, the invitations, the flowers, the decor and more. I’ve worked on weddings and events of all scales, but as a one-woman show, small, intimate weddings, elopements and renewals are where I can really shine.

Services: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, Animation

Why hire a stylist for your wedding?

I’ve got your back! When the event day comes, I’m just as invested as you are, but you should be peacefully enjoying the event.  I’ll be the one scurrying behind the scenes, making sure every detail transpires just as planned. I’ll work with your vendors and guests to put them in the right places at the right time. I’ll also work with photographers and videographers to make sure they capture the right details, so you can relive the event over and over again.

As a stylist, I offer planning services with a creative twist! Here’s some of the ways I’ll work with you on your wedding:

  • Meet with you to chat through your ideas for how you want your wedding to look and feel
  • Work with you to create a personal style for your big day – from the invitations, to the ceremony and lighting, to the furniture and food. I’ve even helped write vows before.
  • Source specific items for you on request
  • Be there (early!) on the day to style your day and field vendor questions/itineraries
  • Be there after the day to pack up

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