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Food & Drink Styling

Food, Drink & Prop Styling

If you’ve ever seen food look slimy or too yellow in an ad, you know how detrimental bad food imagery can be. On the other hand, bright, fresh looking food can cause people to drool on the spot! As a food & prop stylist, I make sure your food does the latter.

Even an exquisitely plated entree from a star chef needs some primping when placed in front of a camera. This is where I come in. Whether you’re a restaurateur, a magazine or an entrepreneur launching a product, I hone in on the tiny details and work closely with the photographer to compose an image and tell a story.

``From the initial concept to final shot of the day, Quelcy brings a confidence and professionalism to the projects that I am lucky enough to work with her on. I’m a big fan of getting the shot right on set, and not in post — so her constant attention to detail and keen focus in styling makes shoot days great, and the end results that much better.``
Craig Seder Executive Creative Director, Smith Brothers Agency

``Quelcy’s calm demeanor and positive attitude make her an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she a talented stylist, but her ability to pivot and problem solve on set brings peace of mind to any shoot. I always look forward to working with her and trust that the end product will exceed expectations.``

Dave DiNuzzo
Dave DiNuzzo Content Studio Director, Smith Brothers Agency

``I know of no other stylist who wouldn’t immediately walk away when asked '…can you make this skinless avocado half levitate upright and spin while also never turning brown?' Quelcy’s unique style shows in every piece of work we have collaborated on, from big brand advertisements to local publications. It doesn’t hurt that we have an absolute blast on set. She’s also a better rapper than you think.``

Noah Purdy
Noah Purdy Photographer

``Quelcy’s collaborative spirit mixed with her eye for the delicious and taste for innovation makes her a triple threat that any film set should welcome.”
Danny Yourd Director, Animal Studio