Legume Bistro Ad Image styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Food Styling an Ad for Legume Bistro

Chef Trevett Hooper was one of the first chefs in Pittsburgh to champion local ingredients way before it was the trendy thing to do. Their original 34-seat restaurant outgrew itself, and they moved into a larger space with details that evoke a certain high-society feel. Legume Restaurant styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

In recent years, they’ve updated the interior design to match their humble, local/seasonal approach to fine dining, complete with wooden tables crafted from fallen trees and nature-inspired iron work that helps showcase their collection of pickles. The goal in shooting this ad image was to emphasize that Legume is a place for all- foodies, old folks, kids, artists- everyone should grab a seat and a fork because the food is that good!

Post Script:

Client: Legume Bistro
Food Styling by Quelcy.
Photography by Adam Milliron.

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