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Check out my Ad in the CMU International Film Festival Program

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When I was in my last year at Carnegie Mellon University, I enrolled in a course called “The Film Festival.” That was the year Professor and Festival Director Jolanta Lion arrived on the scene. She transformed what had been a very casual film screening series on campus into the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival, a top caliber lineup, complete with guest filmmakers. I fell in love with the work- a combination of art, event planning, logistical coordinating and above all, a way to highlight controversial stories and voices that rarely make it to mainstream media.

I worked around the clock on that inaugural festival, entitled Faces of Democracy. After graduating, the film festival course shifted to become a project of The Humanities Center at CMU, broadening its potential for student and community involvement. After contributing at different capacities throughout the following years, Jolanta persuaded me to return in full force for the 10th Anniversary- Faces of Conflict.

If you haven’t seen me or heard much from me, it’s because I’ve been busy working behind the scenes as this year’s Creative Director. I have a lot more to share here about this project, but for now, check out my ad in this year’s program, and be sure to check out a film or two (or 3 or 11!) before it’s too late!

Post Script:

Client: Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival “Faces of Conflict”
Program ad designed by Quelcy.
Photo credits: Adam MillironJoey KennedyMandy Fierens


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