Styling & Photography for Thanksgiving at Roxanne’s Dried Flowers

If you’ve ever looked at Roxanne’s Dried Flowers’ website, then you have peered into my dream gatherings. When I style and photograph these scenes for the shop, especially during the fall, my imagination wanders to farm house gatherings, long tables, harvest elements and golden accents. I recently styled these Thanksgiving style guides for a newsletter and blog post. Welcome to my dream harvest gatherings…

Thanksgiving Styling //

Pie Plate and Gourds 04

Nature Set 07

Pie Plate and Gourds 06

Bee Man Candles and Lantern 02

Bee Man Candles Styled by Quelcy

Bee Man Candles and Lantern 03

Gold Leaf Wreaths 07

Post Script:

Client: Roxanne’s Dried Flowers
Pottery by Eric Hahn.
Styling by Quelcy.
Photography by Quelcy.






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