Photographers Zoom In On Their Favorite Spots in Pittsburgh

To get a fresh look at our city, Pittsburgh Magazine asked five Pittsburgh-based photographers one question: If you could pick one spot in Pittsburgh to be the backdrop for your own self-portrait, where would it be?

I was honored to be counted amongst the five photographers, and after some debate, I chose my backdrop… Voila!

Polish Hill Ghost Sign //

Here’s why I chose this backdrop:

I live in Polish Hill, across the street from a “Ghost sign”- an aged advertisement for “Mother’s Bread- 100% Natural.” As a whole-grain baker with a penchant for the rusty, tattered, aged relics of the past, I saw that literal sign as a sign when I first toured my apartment. I knew I had found my apartment, and since then, that apartment and this neighborhood really have become my home.

Hazelwood Urban Farms //

But it was a tough choice!

A close second option would be a slice of my boyfriend’s farm in Hazelwood – Hazelwood Urban Farms– because I couldn’t be prouder of what Kyle Pattison is doing for the city and for the local food movement!

Plus, the view there is breathtaking!

Hazelwood Urban Farms //

Check out the rest of the photographers and their responses in the article on Pittsburgh Magazine’s blog.

Post Script:

Photography by Quelcy.

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