Behind the Scenes of a Food Photoshoot with Larkin Page-Jacobs

At some point in the 80s, we all seem to have watched the exact same 20/20 or Dateline Exclusive episode in which Food Styling was debunked. I say this because whenever I say I am a food stylist, without fail, the reply is, “Oh?!? So you do stuff like use Elmer’s Glue for milk and fake the grill lines on McDonald’s hamburgers?” I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that, but the thing is, I also remember watching that show and feeling the same level of shock at the Elmer’s glue! We had all been had, and the scars have apparently lingered.

Food Photography Behind the Scenes //
I make adjustments on set while Adam Milliron reviews in camera. Photo by Larkin Page-Jacobs.

Elmer’s Glue aside, the food world is full of many mysteries, myths and legends, which Larkin Page-Jacobs is clarifying one by one in her audio series “On The House.”

“On the House” is a new WESA feature airing every other week during “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” Each feature answers a question such as “How does land-locked Pittsburgh get fresh ocean fish?” or delves into deeper issues including paying cooks a living wage, and food sourcing.

Food Photography Behind the Scenes //
Adding more Ragout to the Dish (left) and Tools of the Trade (right). Photo by Larkin Page-Jacobs.

Recently, she interviewed my cohort and food photographer, Adam Milliron to demystify the food photography process. Check out the episode and my sideline tweezing to learn more about our process. If that image makes you hungry, visit Spoon and ask for the Pork Ragout.

On The House: Photographing Food Just So
by Larkin Page-Jacobs

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