Keep An Eye Out For Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes

I have a nearly insatiable sweet tooth, but I also have a rational side that understands a proper diet and nutrition. Balancing these two sides of myself was the impetus for becoming a baker and launching my food blog With The Grains, where I chronicle my all-natural, whole-grain approach to satisfying my cravings.

Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes styled by Quelcy //

Having grown accustomed to my style of desserts, I often find other baked goods to be saccharine sweet or loaded with too many questionable ingredients. This was not the case for Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes! I, the queen of nitpicking, took my first bite of cake, closed my eyes and made “mmmm” sounds while savoring each morsel. Then I happily took home extras from the shoot to enjoy at home.

Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes styled by Quelcy //

The Andréa behind Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes, much like her desserts, is perfectly sweet. Baking had always been a passion of her’s, but she never baked professionally. Instead, she and her husband ran a care facility for people with special needs, but she often traveled to the Culinary Institute of America to hone her baking skills.

Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes styled by Quelcy //

However, recently she decided it was time to pursue her baking passion in full force. Photographer Adam Milliron and I were able to create images for Andréa at the very outset of her business planning and applauded her foresight. Too many companies leave the design and visuals to the end, and with cakes these good, you want the images to match in quality!

Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes styled by Quelcy //

Andréa values wholesome ingredients, so all of her baking starts with natural, organic choices. The goal of the shoot was to highlight the integrity of her baking. We composed the images for future website and marketing efforts, leaving space for logo and text applications.

Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes styled by Quelcy //

Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes is still in the very early stages of business planning and product development, but I can’t wait to eat all of these desserts again, especially those brownies!


Client: Andréa’s Gourmet Cakes (coming soon)
Photographed by Adam Milliron.
Styled by Quelcy.

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