Product Styling: Handturned Wooden Bowls

While paging through an architecture magazine as a student, I discovered a barn converted into a home. The openness, the repurposed iconic doors, the rustic-meets-modern aesthetic…all of it had me sold, and the idea of a barn home lives on somewhere in the back of my brain.

Handturned Bowls Styled by Quelcy //

Part of why I loved the idea so much stems from a general appreciation for wooden accents- the way wood warms a space, the unpredictability of what a tree looks like when you cut into it, the way you lose yourself staring at the patterns, much like staring at clouds. The use of reclaimed and salvaged wood has been a steady trend, and it’s one I hope lasts for a while, or at least until I finally acquire my barn home!

Handturned Bowls Styled by Quelcy //

Darren Myers hand turns these beautiful wooden bowls, in some cases from wood he salvages near his Polish Hill, Pittsburgh workshop. Other bowls begin with more exotic woods like Mexican Bocote or African Purple Heart.  To highlight the natural qualities and textures of the work, as well as highlight the bowls’ usage for dry goods, I styled the bowls with various grains and dry goods from Wild Purveyors.

Handturned Bowls Styled by Quelcy //

Maybe someday I’ll have an entire pantry of these bowls in my barn home.


Client: Darren Myers/From These Woods
Photographed by Adam Milliron
Styled by Quelcy.

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