Mix & Match Design Ideas for TABLE Magazine

Each spring, TABLE Magazine turns its focus to design. I styled these very distinct scenes as part of the design issue’s story entitled Mix & Match, which included ideas for pushing past comfort zones and using elements in new ways.

Asia Inspired Cocktail Scene styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Mix & Match: Color & Incense

  • Feature spring bulbs in loose centerpieces, as well as fresh florals and decorative cabbages. (featured florals by Thommy Conroy)
  • Metal tea containers make great vase alternatives and add lots of color and pattern. Find them at your local Asian Market.
  • A little dirt never hurt! Add some dirt to your tablescape.
  • You can quickly glue various fabrics and trims to a base to create a unique backdrop for a bar or buffet like I did here. (featured fabrics from Loom)
  • Feature Sherry & Port in your cocktails for dramatic colors.

Spring Citrus Table styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Mix & Match: Land & Water

  • In the spirit of a low-country boil table setup, water down paint & brush it on old newspaper to make an abstract table cover like I did here.
  • Use the bases from Terra Cotta planters as plates.
  • Squeeze fresh blood oranges for a margarita with a twist, and add warm tones to your spread.
  • Line the rims of your cocktail glasses with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for another pop of color.
  • Living grass makes a truly unique centerpiece or placemat. We used a tray of wheat grass here. You could also collect moss.

Tile Table Scene styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Mix & Match: Hot & Cold

  • Think hot summers in Spain and the cool tiles of traditional Spanish design, and collect a mix of vintage clay tiles to decorate your table top. Best of all, you can add more and rearrange for your next spread, or use the tiles as bases for plant pots.
  • Rough-edged fabrics make great napkins and channel the carefree spirit of a summer in Spain.
  • For the foods, think European picnic eats: anchovies, caper berries, assorted nuts and a variety of cheeses.

A Rustic Cake Display styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Mix & Match: Old & New

  • Consider painting accents on reclaimed wooden furniture like John Eastman did for this bench.
  • Copper plumbing fixtures are born again as hooks with this piece from Nine & Twenty.
  • Use strong coffee and tea to hand-dye linens.
  • Contrast fanciful layers of cakes with summer berries for a rustic touch.
  • Pull planks from salvaged pallets to build a rustic, wooden wall or furniture element. Contrast those worn beams with a modern and sleek Chemex coffee system for a kitchen juxtaposition.



Client: TABLE Magazine, Spring 2014
Photography by Adam Milliron.
Styled by Quelcy.

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