From These Woods: Handturned Wooden Bowls by Darren Myers

When forced into a furniture design project in college, I spent countless hours in the woodshop somehow cobbling together a room divider. On one particularly late night, I accidentally dipped the power sander too low and power sanded my knee! In my sleep deprived stupor, all I could do was laugh at the low my life had reached. I managed to complete the project with all fingers and limbs in tact, which in my book, was the best grade I could receive for such a feat. All this is to say, I have a great deal of respect for artisans who have a strong command of power tools and woodworking because I clearly do not… not yet, anyways.

Handturned Bowls styled by Quelcy //

Darren Myers is one of those woodworkers. He salvages fallen trees and large logs from various Pittsburgh neighborhoods and parks, and then he patiently crafts them into beautiful bowls. Photographer Adam Milliron and I created these images for Darren to help him showcase his product.

Handturned Bowls styled by Quelcy //

Handturned Bowls styled by Quelcy //


Client: Darren Myers/From These Woods
Photographed by Adam Milliron
Styled by Quelcy.

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