Waffles & Dulce de Leche



Brunch is never far from my mind. Here’s an easy idea I love for serving lots of friends on a lazy Sunday morning- a waffle bar! Belgian style liège waffles, with their caramelized sugar crispness and deep trenches, are the ideal waffles to serve. In addition to pure maple syrup, homemade whipped cream and jams, I’d offer this decadent combination:

Waffles & Dulce de Leche!

Waffles & Caramel Styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

These petite waffles equate to multiple trips to the waffle bar, and a brandied cherry on top makes for quite the special presentation (and also justifies brunch cocktails too)!

Waffles & Caramel Styled by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Post Script:

Photography by Adam Milliron Photography
Prop & Food Styling by Quelcy


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