A Birthday Party in 360 Degrees: 360 Fly Product Styling

“Wouldn’t it be magical to be a fly on a wall? To capture all of life unhinged, as it happens? Never again to be bound by gravity or limited by imagination. Welcome to the future of video. Welcome to 360 Fly! No longer is video biased by the individual taking the video. No longer are some of life’s actors left out. Welcome to the future.”

360 Fly Product Styling by Quelcy

This is the narrative behind the 360 Fly, a camera that shoots video in 360 degrees. Planning this shoot with photographer Adam Milliron really did feel like we were experiencing the future, especially since we had to keep our excitement a secret until the camera’s big reveal in the tech circuit.

The creators of the camera imagined a child’s birthday as an example of a moment worth capturing from all angles. Can you imagine replaying this scene and watching all the kids celebrating? It might be as overwhelming as styling and staging this shoot…! Kids and cats are just not meant to be herded!

360 Fly
Our kids’ birthday scene was used for the banner image on the 360 Fly website and promotional video.

Client: 360 Fly.
Photography by Adam Milliron.
Styling by Quelcy.

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