A Custom Wedding Menu Design

Food forges memories.

I’m constantly exploring the overlap of meals and memories in my own baking and cooking. I draw from my mother’s revered recipes, or the memories of fried chicken at my grandmother’s house. A wedding meal might be one of the meals you return to over and over again.

Custom Wedding Menu by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

You want to remember all your wedding details.

You want to remember all your wedding details- how your husband looked as you walked down the aisle, the flowers in your bouquet, what you ate. The day can be a blur, so when you look back nostalgically, it helps to have little queues to trigger those memories. Whether those triggers be the photos, the dress or remnants from the decor, you’ll later appreciate those elements

Custom Wedding Menu by Quelcy // www.Quelcy.com

Preserve your wedding details in a unique gift.

Since Chef Justin Severino created Aimee & Bert’s wedding dinner menu specifically for them, the menu became a prominent feature of the dinner decor. I illustrated and silk screened their menu on hand-torn fabric, to preserve the meal and the memory, not just for Aimee & Bert but for all their attendees.

Post Script

Illustration & Silkscreening by Quelcy.
Photography by Joey Kennedy.

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