Tailgate Menus with Historic Inspiration for Table Magazine

The Ultimate Pre-Game
Tailgate Menus with Historic Inspiration
featured in Table Magazine, Fall Issue, 2013

With a gingham throw and wicker wares, the urban landscape quickly transforms into a stage for picnics and a perfect excuse to laze on a sunny day. Add a heightened sense of purpose and a community to the picnic premise, and you have yourself a tailgate.

Like so many of the great athletic feats they celebrate, the history of the tailgate is debatable. Was it the limited parking at Ivy League football games that caused fans to arrive early? At what point did staking a claim lead to grilling steaks? Or was it the natural progression from the church service to the baseball field that led to shared food and shared experiences in the interim of worship and the game?

Whether it’s the crack of the bat that won the 1960s World Series, the crack of a whip as horses burst out the gates at the Rolling Rock oval, or the crack of a warm fire as summer faded to fall, these are the sounds that unite passions, provoke friendly competition and in our case, inspire tailgating menus!

An Historical Tailgate Spread for Table Magazine // www.Quelcy.com

Tailgate Menu Inspiration: 1960s World Series

Organic soft pretzels with mustard from Allegheny Wine Mixer
Buttery Movie Style Popcorn from The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company
Organic Watermelon from Marty’s Market
The “New Yorker” and “Chicago Impostor” hot dogs, featuring local sausage, from Franktuary
Dale’s Pale Ale 

An Historical Tailgate Spread for Table Magazine // www.Quelcy.com

Rolling Rock Races Menu

Roasted Chicken featuring local chicken & herbs
Roasted Potato Salad featuring Russet & Purple potatoes
Plums & Fresh Mint for Bourbon Cocktails from Marty’s Market
Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

An Historical Tailgate Spread for Table Magazine // www.Quelcy.com

Fall Festival Menu

Multigrain bread, fig spread, arugula, blue cheese, pecans, fresh figs and Royal Gala apples from Whole Foods Market
Mini Apple Pie from The Pittsburgh Pie Guy
Hard Cider from Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar, Inc


Client: Table Magazine
Photography by Adam Milliron.
Story, Recipe Development & Styling by Quelcy.

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