Food Styling for Sarris Candies: Chocolates!

Sarris Candies is an institution in these parts. I’m not a Pittsburgh native, but when I talked to friends about my styling work for Sarris, everyone had a memory of selling fundraiser chocolates, visiting the ice cream parlor, holiday treat traditions and more. The story of Sarris is a sweet one (pun intended)…

Sarris Candies, known for not only its superior rich taste, but adherence to high quality standards and exceptional customer service for over 50 years, has evolved into the epitome of the American dream.

You might say it all started when Frank Sarris found a sweetheart. As a young man trying to win the affections of the lovely Athena, Frank presented her with a gift as sweet as she was, a box of chocolates. Athena’s face lit up as she lifted the lid and Frank knew he was in love. He also knew he could make better chocolate.

Frank began by producing small amounts of chocolate in his basement for friends and family, and then as word spread, he began making more and more for the local market. Frank and Athena married soon after and Sarris Candies was born in the basement of their Canonsburg home.

Our job was to bring a clean, bright, modern approach to Sarris’ beloved chocolates for their latest holiday catalog. These were some of my favorite chocolate shots.

Sarris Espresso Chocolates Styled by QuelcySarris Chocolate Stack Styled by Quelcy

Sarris Candies Caramels Styled by Quelcy

Post Script:
Client: Sarris Candies
Photography by Adam Milliron.
Styling by Quelcy.

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